Keeping Homes Burn-Safe for Kids

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 300 children under the age of 19 are hospitalized for burn-related injuries every day in the United States. On average, one child per day dies from burn injuries. Approximately 88 percent of all burn injury deaths are caused by home fires. It is imperative that adults are diligent to keep homes burn-safe for kids to prevent burn injuries.

Home Burn Safety

Having working smoke alarms in the home reduces the likelihood of fatality from fire injuries by 50 percent. Exercising caution to prevent house fires will also greatly reduce the risk of burn injuries for kids in the home. Home fire safety practices such as unplugging electronics when not in use and keeping flammable substances away from heaters will help to prevent house fires. To prevent scalding injuries from hot water, water heaters should not be turned above 120 degrees. Residents that do not own the home should work with landlords to ensure proper fire safety practices.

Teaching Children Burn Safety

The number of burn injuries suffered by children can be greatly reduced by teaching children about burn safety. Children should be taught to never play with matches or lighters and should be educated on the consequences. Children should also be taught never to touch hot items such as heaters and curling irons. To ensure safety in the case of a house fire, parents can speak to children about emergency fire escape plans. Running home fire drills can be interesting and educational for children, and can help to prevent panic in the case of an actual emergency.

Children and Kitchen Safety

Many children are burned in the kitchen when adults are cooking. Besides practicing safe cooking techniques such as never leaving cooking food unattended, adults must exercise additional caution when children are present in the home. Pot and pan handles should always be turned in to prevent children from grabbing or bumping handles. Children should be kept out of the kitchen as much as possible when very young. Kids should be prevented from accessing stoves, ovens, and microwaves except with supervision until the child has demonstrated maturity with use of these appliances.

Children and Firework Safety

In recent years, many children have been hospitalized or killed as a result of burn injuries from fireworks. Every type of legal firework is capable of causing serious injuries, and should be kept away from children. To prevent child burn injuries, families should attend fireworks shows which are run by professionals instead of setting off fireworks at home.